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This evening Gary talks about Alzheimer's and dimentia, and the possible holistic prevention of these diseases. He reports on the benefits of Tomato juice, and shares a story about the consequences of fracking. Callers ask about oxalic acid in green juices and more!

Health Updates: mushrooms; PSA tests- more harm than good; soft drinks linked to teen violence; walnuts; antioxidants to reduce inflammation; CoQ10 more effective than statins; exercise during pregnancy benefits offspring; cruciferous veggies vs cancer.

Commentary: “5 Great Moments in History That Could Teach Christian Zealots Important Lessons”  [Rob Boston]

In the News: Mayor Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters

Calls: peanuts; pain; medical tests; Alzheimer’s, heart meds; help for skin problems.

Tonight Gary discusses mitochondrial rejuvenation, unemployment, and the power of optimistic energy. Callers ask advice about HPV, electromagnetic radiation, and Green Stuff.

Gary discusses the benefits of apricot kernels, the fluoride fiascos, and epigenetic energy. Callers ask about future plans for solar flare safety.

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