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Gary talks about breakfast, methods for aging and living, scientific misconduct, and the problem with bad relationships. Callers ask about pickled garlic, raw eggs, and how to get Gary's video's on your local public access station.

Gary talks about how vitamins can help you, over-the-counter drugs can kill you, and prescription drugs can make you suffer. Guyabano, a natural super-food with cancer fighting properties, can help alleviate pain. A healthy diet can add 2 hours to your life, whereas over-indulgence can subtract 30 minutes from your life each day. Callers ask about insulin resistance and eye floater protocols, the best time to take amino acid supplements, chem-trail chelation, and anti-cancer diets.

Gary shares with you the symptoms of vitamin D, how to protect yourself from germs in public, and how you can lose weight with green coffee extract. Callers ask about ethical cat food, ozone therapy, and solar storms.

Gary talks about sperm count, B complex, and how America is exceptional (in number of citizens with obesity). Callers ask about loss of sensation in hands and feet after chemotherapy, fasting for Easter, and how to fix the economy.

Gary talks about resistant fiber, prenatal health, humidity and the flu, and breast cancer. Callers as about Gary's publishing career, the thyroid, and self-actualization.

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