Archive for December 2013

Gary talks about the dangers of food advertising on children, the benefits on good bacteria, and reform in light of revelations from the NSA leak. Listeners discuss the impact of Gary's film Seeds of Death in their community.

Gary talks about childhood vaccinations, fracking dangers, energy drinks, and healthy fats. He also explains that we are all beings of light. Callers ask about insurance for alternative and natural medical services. People share their experiences from Gary's retreats.

Gary talks about how you can graze to lose weight, a study that claims mental health disorders are on the rise in children, and the Arctic Apple. Callers ask about strengthening the heart, UFO and extraterrestrial activity, and how tell alleviate aches and pains in older people.

Gary talks about the link between of anti-depressants and autism on pregnant women and their developing babies, the positive effects of acupuncture on Alzheimer's and dementia patients, and the best cities to inhabit after peak water has been reached. Callers ask about help for a mental health patient, appropriate foods for diabetics, and Gary's opinion on Lance Armstrong.

Gary talks about the link between happiness and health, the benefits of kale, and how every day feels like Black Friday. Callers ask about preparing the body for pregnancy and debt.

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