Archive for February 2014

An in depth look at how to prevent urinary tract infections, how to naturally prevent depression with nutrients, and is your doctor the best person to tell you how to avoid a stroke, how to improve arterial strength, and why you shouldn't be sitting around if you're over sixty.

Gary talks about how to slow down the aging of the brain, the effects of income inequality on feelings of well being, and the latest on women's hormone replacement therapy hazards. Callers ask about off-shore financial accounts, food shortages, and diets that ask you avoid grains.

Gary talks about the evils of big pharmaceutical companies and american journalism, murder of female children in India and China, and the best herbs for women. Callers ask about the benefits of Kumquats, infrared in hot yoga studios, and nutrients for winter dry skin.

Gary talks about the connection between shrimp production and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, polyphenols and heart health, childhood breakfast and metabolic disorder, melatonin and breast cancer, and hemp seed oil and anti-inflammation. Callers ask about Gary's mental health documentary, the amount of vitamin D for young women to take, and whether or not this is a good time to become a holistic health practitioner.


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